I swear I dated this guy in high school . .

. . and it was as nice as this photo implies.Young Ben Browder

I live under a rock and I have recently developed a bit of a Ben Browder obsession.

Whatever it is, I feel compelled to share it, so be warned.


4 thoughts on “I swear I dated this guy in high school . .

  1. I guess I gotta follow you what with us growing up in the same house and you having that lovely Irish name. And I’m really wondering where you’re going with all of this. Very good photos!

    • Well that makes two of us that don’t know where this is going. If only I grew up in the same house with someone who had a really great blog and was willing to swap phone numbers (or at least emails) with me. She would tell me how this blogging thing really works (it’s a cult, right?) and I would tell her how I lost 75 pounds at the age of 48. Oh, and the hunky guy in the photos? He’s my new beau. AND he’s an actor! Yeah, it’s pretty serious. – Don’t tell his wife.

  2. You lost 75 lbs! How long did it take you?sheesh, that’s outstanding! it just occurred to me that I’m 47, I was thinking 48 was old. Oops. I sometimes forget myself 🙂 I just googled Ben, I don’t watch Starscape or whatever he’s in but he is a babe. You are a lucky woman!

  3. Haha, cute blog! ;-D Ben was in Stargate SG-1 as a replacement for another drop-dead gorgeous man, Richard Dean Anderson. I think it was the last…3 seasons, possibly 4. Claudia Black also joined him there, and their characters were awesome there too, though Farscape still has my heart. I read somewhere his wife’s an adorable, sunny person and they are very into their kids Lovely to hear an acting couple doing well., not just playing for the camera/publicity like Brangelina or Tom Cruise, John Travolta, etc.
    Anyway, enjoy your obsession!

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