Change of plans for this blog you follow :o)

This post is a heads-up for the handful of people who kindly signed up a long time ago to follow this blog, Me and Ben Browder. I have finally decided a direction for this blog which will be to post some of my favorite stuff here. Stuff from many different categories, so it will be a work in progress. This particular post is to notify you that initially I will be posting a BUNCH of photos to this blog that I have saved on my computer. Quotes, funnies, etc. I just don’t want anyone to unsubscribe prematurely thinking I will be posting a BUNCH of photos to the blog everyday.  If you can suffer through the initial onslaught, it will return to a couple of posts a week. Plus you might like the pics.  Just stuff from the web.

Thanks for your time. Kathleen  :o)